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Any questions regarding WIFI installations should be direct to Telephone # listed.          
Electronic Towne Crier
Q/A for common problems
Support Telephone 661-327-4514
Email: support@etcrier.net


Hi, I am David Rogers owner of Electronic Towne Crier.

First- lets me say that this Technical Support page is useless if you can't connect. With that in mind please print all support pages when you 1st signup, that way you can refer to them when you have an issue. If you do not have a copy and need help go to a friends house and print and review this complete document for assistance. If you call - listen to the auto-attendent for various options. If you know the option you want you do not have to listen to everything, just press the # you want. Please don't expect our Internet support or service to fix failing hardware or Windows Systems. If you have an old system (> 2 years) you might want to consider getting a newer one.

People always ask if we are down. It's a great question but is very seldom the case. Always review these steps before canceling or changing services because you can't connect: Also Call our office for status of our systems and network.

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