Electronic Towne Crier - Internet Service Provider

330 Chestnut Ave. Bakersfield, CA 93305

Office: 661.327.4514

We specialize in Remote Wireless Internet Access and Point to Point connectivity for buildings needing Internet but are to far apart to connect with cable. Businesses, farms, country homes, remote buildings. This is our wireless customer base. We do service better than anyone and with a confidence of Quality and Integrity.

  • WIFI 2.4(bgn)GHz starts at $19.97-$73.97/mo + Installation.
  • WIFI Smart Cell Phones $9.97/mo.
  • Wireless 1MB-6MB Broadband starting at $19.97/mo**
  • NO contracts, Unlimited Access, NO Long Distance Charges.
  • Exchange Email (POP and WEB), Calendar, Appointments, Notes
  • SPAM and Virus Elimination
  • Great FREE friendly support

*for Web surfing and Email only

** Installation fee may apply

  Wireless Help


OTHER Services Offered Are;

  • WEB Hosting / Design (Basic Charge $30.00 per month)
  • WEB Design = Call
  • Domain Registration = Call
  • Wireless 5.8GHz for $99.00/mo + Installation.

Call for custom pricing 661.327.4514