Electronic Towne Crier was started in 1993 when the W.W.W. first began providing public access to Internet information. Owner David Rogers - developed and designed a network that is more robust than any other Internet Provider. This means little or no down time during your online usage. We implement the latest in security and server applications such as Email, Kerio Email, DNS, IIs, Apache, Radius.

ETCrier has a total redundant network so that loss of power, data, Internet access does not occur. Systems are monitored 24/7 for efficiency and accuracy of information processed. Electronic Towne Crier builds all its own computers with the highest quality parts available.

ETCrier Located in Bakersfield, California just 100 miles north of
Los Angeles. We We supply Wireless Broadband in Bakersfield. We also sell Business Class data lines such as Wireless T1+, . SERVICES

ETCrier is making the Internet an easy and affordable solution for families and individuals. With fast and prompt service to handle all of the questions that you may have.

ETCrier is an excellent choice for your Internet experience. Always feel free to call and ask questions, 661.327.4514.

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